The 2018 our budget is $111,000 which covers one and a half staff salaries and an Americorp VISTA member,  benefits, an administrative management and payroll service, rent, insurance, phone, and program expenses.

How is it funded?
The Center if funding primarily through private donation and about 11% foundation grants. The Daughters of Wisdom, The Sister of Charity of St. Hyacinthe have been significant funders.  We have received funding through The Maine Community Foundation, John T Gorman Foundation, The Robitaille Family Fund, and an angel who has been paying the rent who wishes to remain anonymous. Local banks, businesses and churches are also contributors. Many individual donors support our work, with smaller gifts or as SHEROs – those who give $20/month to sponsor one woman’s participation at the Center.  The women at the Center make and sell “Wisdom Boxes” and gratitude beads and collect spare change as their offer of support. There are several small fundraising events each year for friend raising. We invite you to join our community of support!