Shauna Langlois

Sophia's House Program/Outreach Coordinator

Shauna has worked in various roles within the community for the last 10 years. Her passion for helping others has consistently driven her personal and professional development. Shauna spent 5 years working as a Commercial Sales Assistant at a local financial institution. After graduating from CMCC, she transitioned to her new role at Included Health as a Care Coordinator, where she advocated for patients and helped them navigate their healthcare. Shauna served on multiple Employee Resource Group committees, including the Women’s Rise ERG and the Enabled (Disability) ERG. She found the most pride and passion in helping women navigate trauma, addiction, and physical/behavioral health care. Shauna decided to leave her corporate career in early 2023 to practice her passions within the community. She found herself immediately at home in Sophia’s House.  Shauna currently resides in Lewiston with her partner, Alex, and their 3 children (Jack, Evelyn, and Sullivan). Her interests include raising her family, caring for her pets (2 dogs, a cat, and a small flock of hens), enjoying time in nature, yoga, music, and self-care.