If I had one wish I’d wanna talk to you once more

to see you smile at me I’d know what life was for

and hear you whisper softly I’ll know it’s not a game

I’ll know what I’d wanna hear and that would be my name

If I had one one wish I would wanna hear about Gods heaven

and have you tell me about those streets of Gold there paven

then I would tell you things I’ve never told a living soul

so when I’m feeling blue I will think of you and know

if I had one wish it would be an easy choice to make

I’d wish  to hold you once again your death I then could take

all the pain from losing you would then just slip away

It would be a joyous reunion just to talk to you all day

you would say those four little words that I do so miss

for when you say I love you dear I’ll know I’ve had my wish.

Becky Chadbourne