April 18th, The Center for Wisdom’s Women will be Hosting Sonia Bermonty,  Operation You Matter, where Sonia will focus on the Clothesline Project.  Join us for a hot cup of coffee, interact with other women and share your truth. All supplies  (t-shirts, paint, etc.) are provided free of charge.  The topics are homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health.  This project is anonymous so there is no pressure to share; rather, you can tell us in words, poetry, song or drawing on whatever is meaningful to you.  You decide to share how it all came to be or how you overcame the topic or how you are still trying.  You can also share how you’re affected by these topics whether you have lost someone in your family, someone you love, or you have or are currently dealing with your story.  You Matters! We would love to share your story while shedding light on these topics and ultimately changing the narrative.  There are too many stigmas and too many false assumptions and you can help change that.

All materials are supplied, and all shirts are kept by Sonia B. and will not be returned as this is an ongoing project that in the future will be heading to capital park for a grand reveal.

Thank you again for your collaboration on this project, we look forward to seeing you.