This is a new experimental project at the Center. Over the summer we tested what we call “The Peasant Pantry Café.” Many countries have a one dish sustenance meal that is affordable and healthy. Each “Peasant Pantry” meal will come from a different country and be served in a single dish with a piece of bread or fruit and simple dessert our sunflower cookies.

DSCF4087In July we featured Cuban Black Beans and Rice. In August we did it twice and served an Italian Pasta and Cauliflower recipe and Egyptian Ful. Recipes are made available so the meal can be shared at home as well.  Donations to cover the cost (including the time of those who prepared it) are encouraged and welcomed. Come between 11:30 and 1:30 to enjoy good, simple food and conversation!

It has been a great win-win-win experience… A wonderful community builder, a new way to promote the Center and teach healthy eating, and an activity that gives women experience in planning, preparing and hosting/serving a meal while taking home a bit of spending money. The Cafe will usually be offered near the end of each month, with the next being planned for September 30, now with the help of Paul Drowns from the Nutrition Center of Maine.