Despite the dismal economy, at the end of our first full fiscal year (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010) we are in remarkably good shape!  Our gratitude to all of our donors who made it possible!  Because of your generosity, we finished with only a small deficit, which we covered with our net assets carried over from the previous year. Our goal this year is to live within our budget and not depend on our limited net assets.  With your generous help, our fundraising plan will lead us to being self sufficient within 5 years.

Fundraising – Our donor base now of over 100 people, have given a total of $56,000.  Continuing to build support at the grassroots level will be a critical part of our success.  See details inside about “Sponsors” and help us by contributing and spreading the word.

Our programs continue to grow, especially the team of Companions and the Strong Women activities.  You will find both of these highlighted on page 2.

Long Range Plans include expanding programs and broadening our demographics, especially to include younger women and the newly arrived immigrants in the area.  This will take time and building of trust, and some creative changes or additions to our programs.  The first step will be to begin intentional outreach on the street and in places where women gather.

Trinity Episcopal Church continues as our Partner and Fiscal Sponsor.  Trinity has a history of starting and spinning off 2 other non-profits that benefit the neighborhood. We are their latest commitment, with no strings attached, available until we feel we are ready to move out on our own. We are grateful for this partnership that is helping us grow!

Our Website now includes a blog with stories and photos about our experiences here.  There will soon also be an option for donating on-line. Please visit us there at! Enjoy! And if you are in the neighborhood, please come see us!

A special note of gratitude are due to two people:

  • Noella Cote, who volunteers daily to assist with house managing and  program coordination. She knows this place so very well!
  • Kathy Constantine, our first Board Chair.  Her two years of dedicated work as we started this project, has been nothing short of remarkable.

-Klara Tammany,  Executive Director