Respect is the primary value in our work at the center.  It is not always easy to define. We have especially wrestled with the issue recently as we experience new women coming to the center, many who bring differing backgrounds into our midst.

As part of our ongoing effort to hold this center as a sacred and safe place for ALL women – we have been consciously addressing the topic of respect. Comments from our graffiti mural on the topic:


  • Listening to others with open ears.
  • Putting others before yourself.
  • Honesty, friendship, kindness.
  • Giving space to each other.
  • Don’t talk about people.
  • Say excuse me, thank you, please.
  • Treating others as your equals.
  • Not talking down to people.
  • Sharing food even when I want to eat the whole plate of brownies myself.
  • Helping when someone needs it.
  • Everyone is equal.



  • Hitting, kicking, stealing.
  • Making fun of people.
  • Yelling, screaming.
  • Me! Me! Me!
  • Interrupting.
  • Taking things that aren’t yours.
  • Using the last roll of toilet paper and not telling someone to get more.
  • Doing things for other people they can do themselves.
  • Competition.