The sounds of the city are colorful

kids playing in my backyard

pounding the basketball against the outside of my bedroom.

It would not matter except for it’s quiet time on my bed…

I read, listen to music or take a nap.

Another sound is the sirens of the police & fire trucks.  They go past my building

and it seems so close  When will the sounds stop?  What’s on fire, who’s in trouble?

Is it  my building or one close enough?

Another sound is people talking loud.

It’s interesting to see a group gathered to sit on a porch.  The noise is hard to make

out, but it is noise.

Other noises heard are people hollering from the windows of buildings or cars

going by.  Holler, Holler it’s noisy  me.

There are many more sounds but for me it’s time for silence, time for me to listen!  Shhhh…..

Cheryl  6/15/2015