Today for our Tuesday lunch poem we read the THE GOOD NEWS by Thich Nhat Hanh.  After discussion we wrote our own list of good news that we want to share.  Here is our version of the poem: 

The good news they do not print.

The good news we do print.

We have a special edition every moment, and we need you to read it.

OUR good news is that…

Abby lost over 30 lbs.  People write songs. The sun always shines after the rain.  My mom is getting better.  We have great artists and painters and writers at the women’s center. Jesus is coming and we don’t have to worry.  Three people I know are going to college – my son, a future daughter in law and my nephew.  People are there for us to teach and care for us, no matter how bad things are.  Team work, courage, laughter and friendship are beautiful things. Dogs and cats (and clumping litter).  My new cat who is making my old cat better.  Flowers blooming, sunflower seeds growing. no rain today, birds chirping, butterflies, owls hooting.  Music & creativity.  We have the Wisdom Center and can hang out with good women.  Things are calm and quiet.

Listen!  You have ears that can hear it.

Bow your head. Listen to it.

Leave behind the world of sorrow and preoccupation and get free.

The latest good news is that you can do it!