We have been building a focus on health and wellness that we have come to call “Strong Women” programs. They include:

  • A monthly series of classes about eating healthy on a budget (offered by The Nutrition Center), and presentations on tenant rights by the Housing League of the Visible Community.
  • One-on-Ones about women’s reproductive health offered by Western Maine Community Action.
  • Support groups including You Are Not Alone (or YANA), Wisdom Circle, and Strong Women.
  • Janelle, a former nurse comes monthly with health tips and for weight and blood pressure checks.
  • And planned for the fall – some quiet sessions for stretching, and simple Tai Chi or Yoga.


In the first half of 2010 we logged 1424 visits (compared to 1874 visits in all of 2009), and registered 80 new women. An average of 18 volunteers worked 78 times, logging 1441 hours of service. Local mental health agencies are referring more and more women here, and case managers bring clients.