How I Get Up In The Morning

I get up very carefully because when I wake up I usually have at least one cat asleep on me.  And another by my legs.  They act like it’s a chore to get up and move so I can get up and move.  Usually in a hurry to go to the potty.  And the four of my cats are looking at me like “What is your problem Mom?”  Then after if I try to go and lay back down, they are all over my bed.  So I end up staying up instead of shooing the brats off and trying to get my sleep!  – by Judy

I watch the local news that has happened during the night, get dressed and have breakfast and do the daily routines that need to be done.   -by Nancy

I Am Glad the Center is Here    

I’m glad the Center is here. It gives me someplace to go and when I come here I feel loved and people are glad to see me.  I geel I am somebody.  I love doing the crafts and scapbooking.  I love all the workers.  I come here 2-3 times a week.  – by Sue

I am glad the Center is here because I have gotten to meet so many nice people that I feel are my family.   – by Nancy