Amanda (l) with Companions Pat and Sarah, and volunteer Diana.

Here is a list of our favorite poems from this year’s Tuesday Poetry Lunch.  Amanda Solche comes each week with a poem.  Yesterday was her last day for this school year.  She will be back in the fall.  Thank you Amanda for sharing these words of wisdom with us!

They Beauty of a Woman by Maya Angelou

Beautiful Woman by Fion Lim

Won’t You Celebrate With Me by Lucille Clifton

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

The Journey by Mary Oliver

I Am the Captain of My Soul by nideesh

I’m Alive, I Believe in Everything by Lesley Choyce

In Celebration of My Unterus by Anne Sexton

Love Should Grow Up Like a Wild Iris in the Fields by Susan Griffin

Sunflowers by Mary Oliver (This is becoming a theme poem for us!)