The Writing Group used a book by Robert Bender called Lime Beans Would be Illegal: Children’s Ideas of a Perfect World. It is a wonderful collection of the thoughts of children about what a perfect world would look like. One of the members of the group shared the book, and we each wrote our descriptions of a perfect world.  Here our our ideas about a perfect world:

In a perfect world there would be streets of gold (there is some gold in Maine, you know).  There’d be no robbers, or thieves, or hatred.  Everyone would love one another, hold hands, sing songs, and dance all day long. There would be peace and harmony.  We would be perfect and wouldn’t need any more prayer.  There would be beautiful skies, sunrises and no darkness in my perfect world.

There would be purple trees with pretty purple leaves, a whole lot of birds, especially doves instead of pigeons.  We’d be on streets of glory and Jesus would be here in a perfect world.  There would be a new earth and there would be no more cursing, and I’d fogive everyone who’d done any wrong to me.  There would be flowers everywhere and rivers with clear, flowing water.  And I’d love everyone.

– By Kathy

In a perfect world diets would work and chocolate would be labeled health food.

In a perfect world light bulbs and batteries would run forever and alarm clocks wouldn’t run at all.

In a perfect world vacuum cleaners and teenagers would be quiet and men would pick up after themselves.

In a perfect world cats would clean their own litter boxes and guinea pigs would clean their own cages.

In a perfect world peanut butter wouldn’t stick to the roof of my mouth, but my dentures would.

In a perfect world poverty, hunger and diseases would not exist and no one would know what war is.

– By Laura

In a Perfect World…

No one would be alone or lonely or forever be sad.

Everyone would know they were loved – especially children and elders and four legged friends.

There would be no addictions and lots of joy and laughter.

There would be enough. Good health and food would be available to all. Homes would be safe and warm.

People would be generous and kind.  Respect and compassion would prevail. We would all listen with our hearts.

We would all take care of the earth.  Our world would be at peace.

– By Klara

My Perfect World

Families would stay together.  Children would listen. Cats would clean thir own litter box, the dog would answer the door instead of barking. People would talk instead of yelling. Angels would appear and we would see things that we cannot see now.

No fighting, with our neighbors, from across the sea or across the street. People would be kind and help you without a question. No war, no guns, no stealing.

Ask and you shall receive.  Bibles and crosses would be seen. The Lord would visit and sit down and have a cup of coffee. Choirs would sing all the time. Happiness, no sadness, love friendship.

Can you come up with wonderful things if your world was perfect?

P.S. Someday we’ll get there and I won’t worry anymore.

– By Bonnie