Christine Zucatti-Doyle

Joined 2015
Chris came to Lewiston in 2013 after having been separated from her spouse and son.  She is a survivor of domestic abuse, and is working to get her life back on track.  She first had to live with one of her daughters and family, but now has a small apartment in Lewiston and resides with her cat Lulu.  She enjoys spending time with her son and grandson on weekends.

Chris now works part-time at Walmart.  In the past she worked in several different fields, retail, healthcare, call center, pizza/sandwich shops and a factory.  She enjoys working with people, be it a medical office or a retail store or here at the Center for Wisdom’s Women.  Chris graduated with an Associates’ Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix in July 2014, and from Northeast Tech. Institute in 2000 with a certificate in Medical Transcription and Terminology.

Chris received a Nursing Assistant certificate in 2004 from So. Maine Community College.  She has three adult daughters, a son Benjamin-age 9 and a grandson Jonah- age 4.  Chris first came to the Center as a guest and now feels very honored to be a member of the Board.