Kate Reagan

Sophia’s House Program Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator
Joined 2023
Kate is dedicated to mission-specific work, drawing strength from her lived experience. With an AAS in Nonprofit Business Administration from Central Maine Community College and an internship at Community Concepts, she has cultivated a solid educational and practical foundation in the nonprofit sector.

Previous to her role at Sophia’s House, Kate served as the grant writer at the Northern New England Division of The Salvation Army. This experience provided her with insights into the intricacies of managing nonprofit initiatives at a broader organizational level.

What sets Kate apart is her deeply rooted passion for addressing barriers to success for systemically marginalized groups. Her unique perspective as a formerly incarcerated individual in long-term recovery positions her as an asset in providing peer support, fostering connections, and advocating for residents at Sophia’s House. Her journey reflects a resilience that shapes her approach to the work and serves as a source of inspiration for those navigating similar challenges.

Her interests include spending time with family, traveling, dancing, and continuous self-development.