Each Monday morning we have a Writing Workshop.  The women gather over “Marvelous Morning Munchies” (with real brewed coffee) and pick a topic to write about.  They write for 10 minutes, then read to each other what they wrote.  They then offer positive comments about what they liked in the story.

At the end of the time, the group has begun creating group poems.  Someone begins with a theme and a first line. The paper is passed to another person who writes a second line.  The first line is folded back to be out of sight and the paper passes to someone who reads line 2 and writes a third line.  The page continues around the circle with each person only reading the line before them.

Here is the group’s recent Thanksgiving poem:

I’m thankful to have friends to be with. Let’s give thanks!

I’m thankful for the love and kindness of family, friends, and people that are yet to be friends.  Let’s give thanks!

I’m thankful for strangers that are kind, thankful for a roof over my head. Let’s give thanks!

I’m thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving, for all my friends. Let’s give thanks!

I’m thankful for my hubby who reads me the Bible everyday. Let’s give thanks!

I’m thankful for the strength of the Holy Spirit which keeps me going daily. Let’s give thanks!

And for all of the blessings of having dear friends and a place to go to meet them. Let’s give thanks!

For what are you most thankful?