Something That Really Annoys Me – Laura Starbird

Something that really annoys me is snow in April.  It should be a time of green grass and the first spring flowers, of bird song and newly opened leaves on the trees.  But this year Mother Nature played an April fools joke on us by sending us a snow storm on April 1.  About six inches of heavy, wet snow blanketed the ground and put ermine coats on all the trees and bushes and power lines.  Disgusting! Still, there is a kind of beauty in a fresh coat of clean show covering the brown vegetation from last fall, but my heart longs to see, touch and smell new life and a new beginning.  But this is Maine, where Winter never gives up without a fight.  Sometimes a fight to the bitter end, as the old saying goes.  I know Spring always wins in the end and I’m counting the days until it happens.  Hurry, Spring!