Heroes, by Laura

Many people think of heroes as firemen who run into a burning house to save a trapped child, policemen who risk their lives facing down armed criminals, doctors who perform life-saving surgery and others whose heroic deeds end up in the newspaper or on TV news programs. But there are other heroes who go virtually unnoticed by the media because their deeds are considered common and everyday events. A person who holds a door open for another person with his/her arms full of shopping bags, a strong person who defends a weaker one from harassment, someone who provides food and water to people, just to name a few. These heroes often remain unseen and unheard but their contributions are sometimes life changing or even life saving. They don’t seek praise or recognition. Just knowing they helped someone or something is reward enough. Anyone can be a hero if he or she takes time to give of themself. Even the smallest of good deeds can make a big difference in someone or something’s life. What can you do to be a hero?