Sisters – by Bonnie

My sister Sue – she died of cancer.
My sister Darlene – she’s loving life.
My sister Joyce – she makes me laugh.
My sister Kathy – is my friend.
My sister Keri – is my friend too.
My sister Sue – I’ve known four years.
My sister Lore – she teaches me.
My sister Nancy – my auntie too.
My sister Billi Jo – my family sister.
My sister Debbie – I will never forget.
My sister Gwen – she calls me Mom now.

My sisters are my friends.
They’re my strength to carry on.
My guiding light.

My sister Klara, my sister Pat -they keep my day going on and hopes for a better future.
Karen, Nancy and Carol too.
My sister Sonya – is my stepdaughter too.
My sister Maggie – she is my Mom.
My sister Sarah – my guidance through the darkest hours.

They hold my hands all through life when I stray.
They put me back on that path, I do not get lost, but when I am they come and find me.

I have many sisters.